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What is Black Envy 

We Are 

Black Envy Clothing was established in 2020, as a family style clothing brand. Black Envy stands for ‘Inspiring to Be Like.’ The Lion is an extremely representative image, the most widely recognized characteristics are strength, courage, justice, and military might, it very well may be both Solar and Lunar. Normally alluded to as the "Lord" of the BEAST, it is representative of Kingly force and may yet as the Lioness it is regularly identified with the great mother and protection



Our mission is to that African American culture is something to be proud of and able to show to the world some people may envy us and other races we have to show we are willing to stand proud for who we are. Let's show the world who black envy is.   

The CEO 

Terry Chisley a Hampton University Grad and Howard Grad with a degree in Cyber Security, was born in Richmond, VA but lived most of his life in Hampton, VA. He is a former football player from both colleges. He uses his creative mindset and arts to make his clothes, as he would say all his clothes are made by the love of his heart and his sister.

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